The Bees

If you take the orchard walk around our property you will notice that we share our orchard with the bees. Vancouver Island, which is home to a quarter of all of BC's bees lost 90% of it's hives in 2010 to disease and weather. Bees are vital to crop pollination, which is what makes them so important to our ecosystem! In partnership with the TLC we are working to build back the bee population so if you see them in the orchard don't disturb them and they won't hurt you. They are busy at work pollinating the trees to make that wonderful cider we all love! 

Here are some fun facts you may not have know about these worker bees that you will find on our orchard walk:

  • The distance a bee travels from its nest to forage depends on its body size and typically varies between 200 meters and 1.2km.
  • If a natural habitat is not in close proximity to the fields that require pollination, however, then nest structures may be built to help them out
  • By creating a nest structure for them made out of dead trees, snags, and logs on the land you can keey wood nesting bees from nesting in your home
  • When the apple blossoms are gone we plant sunflowers to provide food for the bees
  • This area is intentionally planted with a variety of flowers that attract and nourish bees late in the season.
  • Different bee species emerge at different times of the year, so it is important that pollen be available from early spring until late fall. 
  • The ground cover surrounding the bees habitat has been supplemented with flowering varieties of plants to increase its nutritional value for bees.



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