The Making of Merridale

Our cider blossoms in full bloomHundreds of years ago, cider ranked with wine as the beverage of choice at special events. Today, demand for real cider is again on the rise, as discerning consumers look for alternatives to factory-produced beverages. In Canada, the centuries-old tradition of craft cider making lives on at Merridale Ciderworks. Our mission: to grow world-class cider apples and produce the best natural craft ciders anywhere.

Real cider is fermented apple juice, pure and simple. Traditionally, it is made with bittersweet and bittersharp apples, which have the tannins and acidity required to make a quality product. While dessert apples, such as Granny Smith or MacIntosh, are used by large commercial cider makers, these common varieties often require the addition of modifiers such as concentrates and synthetic flavourings.

Here at Merridale, we use cider apple varieties that have been proven for centuries in England, France, and Germany. All of our ciders are made from 100% pure juice, and only the first pressing is used. We do not add water and re-press the juice to increase the yield because we believe this compromises the flavour. Being purists, we do not use concentrates, chemicals at bottling, pasteurization, or fine filtration of juice. We ferment our juice slowly and naturally, to delicately bring out all of the flavour the fruit has to offer.

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