By popular demand... we now have Growlers!!

For all those people that have been asking for Cyser and Scrumpy (along with our other varieties) in larger containers, we finally have a solution for you! Growlers! What’s a growler you ask? Take a look at the picture below, made of glass with a capacity of 1.8 litres, or half a gallon. Buy one of these large containers at the merridale farmhouse store for $6, and we will fill it with the cider of your choice from the list of options below. Anytime you are thirsty for more, simply come back to merridale with your clean, empty growler and we will refill it. This is a very affordable way to get more of a good thing.

House $14
Traditional $15
Merri Berri $15
Scrumpy $22
Cyser $22


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